We provide services to start new business overseas as well as to make an assessment of the market in case you are not sure if the market is ready or not. We also provide support to companies who already have business overseas but want to generate new growth through a strategic initiative or a different partner. KyuMaru has successfully supported cross pacific business for companies from small venture-backed startups to mid-sized and large enterprises.

Catalytic combustion products for heavy industry (subsequently acquired by Eaton Corp.)

Software, acquired by Synopsys

Enterprise operating system software

Enterprise manufacturing process management and quality software

FuelCell Energy, manufacturer of utility-scale fuel cells

Evolution Robotics, operating software systems for robotics engineering and development

Solera Networks, manufacturer of network forensics appliances

Luminus Devices, fabless manufacturer of high intensity light emitting diodes for consumer electronic products

MTI Micro Fuel Cells, manufacturer of portable fuel cells

Photo management application (subsequently acquired by Google)

Information technology research and development subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation

Optichron, manufacturer of nonlinear signal processing devices for communications applications

Customer engagement software and services

Renewable energy equipment manufacturer

e-Discovery software and services

Energy management services

Google’s AdWords SMB Partner Program in Japan

Manufacturer of control equipment and solar energy components

An identity and access management provider, was acquired by RSA

Online marketing and advertising solution provider

Energy and Environment business unit of NEC Corporation

Canon, electronic and office equipment manufacturer, for the camera division

Hitachi, Ltd., information technology and communications manufacturer and solutions provider

Core Solid Storage, solid state storage component manufacturer

J-Power, Japan’s nationwide electric wholesale utility, with IPP interests worldwide

Fujitsu, information technology and communications manufacturer and solutions provider

Uniadex, solution provider, systems integrator and systems support, subsidiary of Unisys Japan

TDK, electronics components manufacturer

Ashisuto, an enterprise software reseller, providing nationwide sales, training and support

Automotive and renewable energy equipment manufacturer)

Flextronics, contract electronics manufacturer

Renewable energy equipment manufacturer

Transportation technology solutions

Enterprise document solutions

Marketing services

Daiwabo Information Systems, nationwide information systems technology distributor

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