Branch Office

In many cases, the branch office is supplementary to the sales channels, providing training and technical support to partners, and/or local direct sales.

Some of our clients want to establish sales partners then open a branch office. In some cases, the client wants to set business milestone as a target for opening a branch office, such as achieving a set threshold of revenue through indirect sales partnerships. Some of our clients want to open a branch office first, to show a commitment to the local market for potential partners and prospective customers. We can help to define the strategy for opening a branch office as well as help to establish it.

It’s important to have a direct presence in the country you are targeting.

Customers need to see that you are committed to the local market as well as for you to get direct feedback from your customers about local requirements and build your local reputation.

For some, establishing a branch office or local corporation is the first step, and for others, it is the second step – after they have developed a revenue stream through a sales partner.

Process for Establishing a Branch Office

We can help in the planning stage with estimation of costs, and forecasting of staffing levels and skill requirements.

We can also help with the implementation stage, which involves connecting you with accounting offices which understand both US and Japan accounting practice, recruiting firms who have candidates who are bi-lingual and experience with foreign companies, and PR firms who can handle bi-lingual promotional activities.

We can also connect you with low-cost firms who facilitate the necessary local business registrations.

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