Business Reassessment

Sometimes it is hard to know if your overseas partner is performing as well as possible.

Your partner is your main information feed from the target country – is there a disconnect between what your partner is saying and what you think is going on in the market? Would an additional channel or a different channel yield better results? Your partner may be saying that the product has problems in the overseas market, but you may suspect the problem is that they are not selling to the right category of customer, or is not training its sales force properly.

We have experience in discreetly uncovering the facts in these situations. To make progress, its important for us to build credibility with your partner overseas, and we do so by placing their issues and concerns within the context of our outside market intelligence. A partner who is not meeting expectations of their supplier overseas usually welcomes the role of a mediator who speaks their language and understands the context of their market issues.

Our services in these cases is to do an audit of the overseas partner sales effort, interview customers and other experts in the same industry and produce a report highlighting the major issues along with recommendations for resolving them.

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