Consulting Services

KyuMaru is proven in supporting small venture-backed startups as well as mid-sized and large enterprises.

Based in Silicon Valley, we have supported clients in a wide variety of industries, from information technology to renewable energy
and smart grid technology. For US based clients, we can help with channel development, establishing partners, establishing an office
and new direct business development or sales.

For Japan based clients who need a strong pipeline of new products, we can identify and introduce a stream of up-and-coming products
which meet the client product portfolio and marketing strategy. We also help Japan-based clients to find a channel partner, strategic partner or establish a subsidiary in the US.

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Business Development

Overseas sales and partnership development is at the core of the services we provide. Our goal is to provide dramatic new revenue streams for our clients.

We have helped clients who have never sold overseas as well as clients who have already established sales channels, but wish to have better performance from the region.

We can help find reseller or distribution partners, establish a strategic partnership, or establish a branch offices, depending on your objectives.

Additionally, we help with development of a strategy, market probes to focus on the best partners, as well as direct sales to generate a new revenue stream. These sales efforts have successfully invigorate prospective partners who will see renewed interest when they have some real customers in hand.

Market Intelligence

We provide customized market intelligence services, based on your market strategy in your home country, and attuned to the nuances of the market overseas in Japan.

We can provide market intelligence and business intelligence, tailored to your specific market, product or services focus. Furthermore, we can help provide the context of the markets, showing how the demand for certain products is driven by different market forces, and the maturity of market subsegments differs in that market.

Strategic Services

We can provide customized fact-finding tours to help learn about the market and to hear directly from target partners and customers about your products or services.

Sometimes market data is not available or is unreliable due to differing market conditions. We can help with a fact finding tour or market probe to meet with prominent vendors of similar or competitive products, customers in your target market and other key market participants.

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