Direct Sales

Direct Sales Overseas

For customers who need to start sales activity but do not have the sales volume to hire full time staff, we can provide
sales activities on the ground overseas. Some products or technologies are suitable for direct sales to customers overseas.
We can be your sales person to approach customers on the ground, from lead generation to qualification, supporting and
enhancing your sales staff.

Not every product can be successful with such a long-distance sales relationship. An example of a possible candidate
would be technology components that are embedded in OEM products.

The characteristics of possible product candidates would be:
• Limited number of customers (fewer than 10-20 total prospects)
• Unique technology for which there is no alternative in the target market
• Demonstrated demand – the customer knows they need it
• Non-local support is feasible – the customer/manufacturer can support all end customer
problems independently

In the case where we can become proficient enough to make the sale independently, we can be your sales representative.
In cases where deep product or domain knowledge is required, we can dramatically lower the cost of sales by
developing qualified leads, and concentrating sales efforts into one-week blitzes where we accompany your
engineering staff for a series of hot customer prospect meetings or trials.

We can perform these sales activities as independent sales representatives (using our KyuMaru business cards), or we
can carry a business card as a salesman for your company. In all cases, the business transaction would be directly
between yourself and the customer.

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