Market Intelligence

If you don’t know how much demand there is for your product overseas, or if you are planning a product but want to determine what the customer requirements would be in the US or Japan, we can support you in all stages of market assessment.

The first question for many companies is “Will my products and services perform well in overseas?” In emerging markets for new technologies and services, there often is no published market information. Other times, there may be published market information which is only available in Japanese, not English.

Furthermore, questions about market size are only the start. What you really want to know is… Is the market growing? How is the Japan market the same or different than markets in the US or Europe? What is the ecosystem around it? Who are the major players? Which ones make the best partners for us?

These are the key services which we provide in helping our clients to understand the opportunities overseas, provided in English, and customized for your products, services and business.

You don’t need to rely solely on market research, though. We can set up a series of visits for you to talk directly to potential customers and prospective business partners, and get their feedback directly (See Market Probe for details). The value that we bring is that we can tie together the entire chain from business intelligence to market development to enabling your new business. We enable you to identify the value propositions which resonate with the right players then develop partnerships which build business results for you in Japan.

We can provide a wide range of market research, from locating existing market research, to conducting direct interviews with key market participants. Depending on what you need, we can conduct this research independently and based on your requirements, providing you with a report summarizing the results. Alternatively, we can schedule a “fact finding tour” where you join us in meeting with the potential customers, partners and industry experts.

Market Assessment Questions

We have worked for US high tech companies, and understand intimately the demands of a US marketing organization.
We have also worked for Japan high tech companies, and understand how they view marketing in a different manner,
both in terms of function but also in terms of objectives and integration with the rest of the business. It is the fusion
of these two methodologies that we bring to our clients – showing how the similar ideas and memes are viewed and
expressed in different ways in the two regions.

The following are the kinds of questions that we help to answer in the “market assessment” part of a project:
1. What is the size of the market and its growth rate?
2. What portion of the market is accessible to new entrants?
3. What are unique local requirements for this technology or product?
4. What are the barriers to foreign suppliers in this target market?
5. Who are the incumbent competitors, both local as well as foreign suppliers?
6. What is the structure of the value chain for this technology or product?
7. Who are the key market players in this value chain?
8. How receptive are the market players to new technology?
9. How have similar foreign suppliers in this industry fared?

For mature industries, more information is readily available in the marketplace. For new technologies or immature
industry segments, some of this information will either be very vague or not available at all.

We can be your guide in both gathering this information, but more importantly in interpreting it within the scope of
your strategy in the US and your long term global marketing plan.

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