Market Probe

Markets in Japan and the US often progress in slightly different directions and progress at different rates.

There is published information from both countries, but the context is not always clear, and there is often a language barrier. We can help! We can develop customized market intelligence which is specific to your technology, product or service. Alternatively, we can arrange for some first-person market intelligence in the form of a market probe. A market probe might include discussions with potential partners, potential customers or hosting a booth a trade show overseas .

For a tradeshow presence, we can help advise on which would be the best venues that match your offering and timing requirement, then we can help in preparation to make certain your collateral is translated for the US or Japanese markets for maximum impact as well as localized to match market conditions. Finally, we can be on the floor at the tradeshow with your staff, providing translation support and providing background information on market participants.

For a trial, it is important that the right expectations be set, so that problems represent stepping stones to a successful market entry and not a barrier to be overcome. This requires good communications, and language is but one link that is necessary. We have been through many trials and can offer help to both the US side as well as the Japan side based on our prior experience and knowledge of how business is done and technology developed on both sides of the Pacific.

Fact Finding Tours

Do you want to dip your foot in the water? A market probe might include a booth at a trade show, or it might be conducting a trial with an interested vendor.

Customized market intelligence is helpful, but there is nothing so valuable as face-to-face conversations with customers on the ground. We can set up a set of meetings with leaders and experts in the field, getting you direct feedback about what aspects of your product or technology most appeals in this market place as well as what if any barriers there might be.

We can help to fill out the picture by arranging visits not only with end-users, but also with companies who are leaders in the value chain delivering this type of product to the marketplace – distributors, OEMs, system integrators and VARs. Armed with this direct feedback, you will have an idea about the demand in the marketplace, as well as the motivation and readiness of potential partners. We can help prepare for these meetings by setting the right expectations with the people we meet so that we are not locked into a narrative and have flexibility to take various paths in the next steps.

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