Project Support

We can bridge the communications gap and provide on-the-ground sales support for short term or long term – as little as a month and up to a year or longer.

These services include project management, direct sales to a limited market segment, bi-lingual and bi-cultural communications support, as well as providing due-diligence or evaluation services with prospective partners.

We can provide ongoing support for companies overseas, whether it is to conduct regular status meetings over the phone, provide ongoing translation during meetings, translate email exchanges during critical business stages.

Communications Support

If you don’t have in-house bi-lingual speaking staff, communications with your partners or customers can be very difficult, leading to serious erosion in business performance. The barrier is not only language, but also business expectations and cultural differences.

The meaning of words such as “decision maker” have very different meanings in Japan than in the US. The degree of certitude in a statement can also be easily misconstrued between US accepted business practice and Japan standard business practice. For example, a delivery date that is only 2% late (2 days late from a projected 3 month delivery schedule) may be “close enough” for a US customer, but is usually totally unacceptable from the Japan perspective.

In the US, the customer may build in some pad to the delivery date, or otherwise hedge his requirement, knowing that a delay is possible. However, in Japan, they would have scheduled the appropriate personnel to be available and free on the delivery date, and any delay at all is both unexpected as well as an unnecessary expense.

On the US side, we may know not to take the word of an entry-level engineer as the official company position, however, in Japan, it is often assumed that anyone who is authorized to communicate is doing so in an official capacity.

We have worked in the middle of these cross-Pacific business and technical communications, and are experts in avoiding these problems as well as in resolving them quickly when they arise.

We can provide ongoing support in being the portal for project communications, making phone calls and emails English or Japanese on your behalf. We can also sit in on telephone conferences, providing translation and on-the-spot advice.

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