Sales Channels

One of the fastest paths to revenue in cross-pacific business is through a sales partner, such as a reseller or distributor.

This channel provides less direct control over sales and lower margin than direct sales. Nevertheless, with a motivated partner who already has customer relationships in the target market segment, and who has the technical know-how to sell and support, it can provide a fast path to revenue.

At the same time, its important to have an plan for your next step, so you can establish a relationship with the partner which encompasses your longer term plans – such as if you plan to appoint additional reseller or establish a subsidiary for direct sales. If you have such a plan, and set expectations with the partner, the transition can occur much more smoothly. KyuMaru can help to establish this long term strategy and work that into your initial partnerships overseas.

As in any local market, there are numerous types of providers, each with a different set of offerings, and each with a different set of priorities, market forces and strategic directions. System integrators can offer reseller services, but will they also promote your product beyond their solution set? Distributors often have good training and support services capability, but does your target distributor have a good reputation in your technology sector? Specialized distributors have the technical knowhow, but do they have the capability to sell across all market sectors nationwide? Many distributors require that you first establish minimum sales in-country before they will take on a new product, so regional resellers or VARs are often an important first step.

We make distinctions between the various possible candidates and help develop the right engagement strategy.

KyuMaru Steps for Establishing a Sales Channel

We will first outline for you the types of reseller and distribution partners which are available for your product or service. In some cases, we can provide some market intelligence to help you understand the structure of the industry, current trends, and competitor’s sales channels and structure.

With this outline, we will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each of these types of channels, and include a few example target partners in each category. We then compare these channel options with the channels which have been successful for your company in your home country.

If your sales channel is direct sales, we will work with you to determine how your sales methodology would map into the sales methodology of each of the sales channel types we have identified.

Once we have jointly prioritized the best type of sales channel, we will then make a list of the top candidates which best match the technology and services set for your products and services. We will make an approach to those candidates, and build interest in a relationship.

We will then set up a set of meetings where we will join you in meetings with those candidates, following up with support for product and service evaluations, and negotiation of a reseller agreement.

Developing relationships for partnerships is not simply a matter of making an introduction. We have great connections that we leverage on behalf of our clients, but it takes a deliberative, methodical and intelligent approach to bring a deal to conclusion. We offer both of these to our clients: introductions to the right people at the right companies as well as putting in the effort and smarts to make the deal happen.

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