Technology Licensing

Sales in Japan for US Companies

Although reseller relationships or distributor relationships are a good alternative for many products, Japan is also a good market for OEM relationships, where your technology is built into a product that the Japanese manufacturer sells worldwide.

Many of Japan’s strongest global businesses are manufacturers – their core strength is their ability to manufacture at low cost and with high quality and sell those products not only in Japan but internationally. These companies are much more open to licensing technology which they can integrate into their own products than they are in buying products which they will resell.

We can support OEM sales efforts for your technologies.

Sales in the US for Japan-based Companies

Technology partnerships, where your product or service is embedded into the partner’s product and sold through their sales channels, is often a very productive strategy for sales in the US. The licensing or bundling approach can be done in parallel with building up a nationwide reseller channel.

The reseller and distributor landscape in the US is very different from that of Japan in many ways and across many industry segments. Due to a much larger geography in the US, many reseller or value-added reseller opportunities are regional.

A technology partnership comes with a built-in sales and support capability through the partner, and can be a strong channel for sales.

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